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The Character that is Mid-century Modern Decor

Let us all be honest here. We style our homes to show off and to make us feel good about ourselves, but most of the time, we take too much inspiration from a specific period style and turn our homes into a time capsule. This is a design blunder we do not want to embarrass ourselves with. This is why it is only essential to take our design inspirations not too seriously. Have fun and be simple. With a mid-century modern décor, both fun and simplicity are a guarantee.

Mid Century Night Stand

Here are a number of things we need to keep in mind regarding the mid-century modern style:

Au Naturel

A mid-century modern decoration would create very distinguished character if placed with various, different decors in a room. It sets itself apart from the other decors with unpretentious and well-polished lines. It cannot be confused with the complex geometry that we all find in contemporary home decorations, plus it is “au naturel”, which means it showcases nothing but its natural beauty. Picture a coffee table made out of teak wood, no fancy colors, and no weirdly-shaped legs. Just outright beauty!

Mid Century Coffee Table

All about Wood

If we really are going mid-century modern, the limelight should go to the wood details of a specific accent decor. To achieve this, color the wall of the room (where decor is to be placed) neutral and use fabrics with soft hues. Danish chairs with handcrafted arms will go well with this setup.

Mid Century Living Room


Timelessness is another characteristic of a mid-century modern decor that we must always remember. Because of the craftsmanship that has been put into it and its subtleness, it jives well with any contemporary room furnishings and design. For example, a table top made of marble with no extraneous legs is very 1950’s, but it will still complement a modern style kitchen.

Mid Century Dining Room

Bold and Glam

In cases when we are dealing with furniture and decors that are low-slung, a wonderful complement is a table lamp from the mid-century. This lamp generally must have a base that is curvy or with a bold color, such as gold, while the lampshade can be both slim and tall. Add this for occasional lighting and always a conversation starter.

Mid Century Dining Room

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