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Mid Century Furniture Designed Today?

Mid Century Furniture Designed Today?

Mid-century modern furniture is making a comeback in today’s décor and styling.  This can be observed quite easily in commercials, lobby furniture in offices, office chairs and even your neighbor’s home.  Mid-century pieces were made approximately from 1933 to 1965. This period saw inspired creativity not only in furniture but in industrial design, architecture and graphic design. This period was all about clean sweeping lines in all these different types of design.  So, why is it coming back? 

Modern Furniture is Back Again

It is our opinion that mid-century design is not only an expression of art but a cry-for-help in today’s complex, confusing world.  Life can be unpleasant at times and art is an attempt to capture beauty from our world.  Clean simplicity, influenced by nature (in the U.S. and less so internationally) with vibrant colors demands attention.  The concept of bringing the outdoors in with large windows, open floor plans and minimalist furniture declutters our, at times, overwhelming existence.  It is a form of therapy, and we need it every day.

 Natural Design, Natural Setting

The colors are exciting ranging from green, red, blue or yellow with a touch of black or white. Modern isn’t always black and white.  The colors were used to express a desire for peace in the world and looking forward rather backward. Although there are plenty of examples from renowned designers like Hans Wegner and Mies Van Der Rohe we want to focus on the inspiration they created and the movement in the furniture world which has currently caught the world by storm: Mid-Century Modern: Non Designers Guide

Modern Color, Bold Statement

Mid-Century Modern: Non Designers Guide

Understanding the different individual characteristics will help you to discern genuine mid-century furniture from other design styles. The clean, sweeping lines and sharp, geometric shapes are one of the main characteristics of furniture from this period of time. Furniture from the previous period was elaborate with complex curves and embellishments which was in sharp contrast to the modernist yet conservative approach of the mid-century.

Danish Sleek Design

This period also saw a departure from the norm in terms of the materials used to make the furniture. Rather than wood only, there was a turn to unique artificial materials such as plastics and fiberglass such as Lucite, Plexiglas and Bakelite. Teak wood was also widely used for its warm color, hardiness and the fact that it had Danish origins, a place which stood for global peace. Teak also blended nicely with the vibrant colors used in this period. Other types of wood that were used along with artificial materials were rosewood, oak and walnut.

Teak Sleek Modern Bench

If you wish to find mid-century modern designed furniture today, shop at Zoetico.  We have a great appreciate for mid-century modern and Danish modern, a vintage style of minimalist wood furniture from Denmark.  Many of the styles are inspired by past designs but updated for a new, fresh take on the classics.  Browse our collection and share your design interests with us!

Red MCM Chair


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