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Mid-Century Office Furniture

From sideboard end tables to bold-line sofas, mid-century furniture has a timeless look that led to the popularity explosion of mid-century modern furniture. Our customers love the smart look of our timeless, modern pieces. If you have a large multi-location company or are ambitiously starting out with a new startup, this style of furniture is exactly what you need. Let us explain.

Reasons To Buy Modern Office Furniture

Modern Office Chair

There are several good reasons to choose mid-century modern furniture for business spaces. These are just a few.

It's comfortable but not overly comfortable. When you buy furniture for the comfort of your clients and staff, you don't want them sitting on hard slates. At the same time, you don't want plushy seats that make clients want to nap in your waiting room or make it difficult for staff to get up. Our furniture is the perfect mix of comfortable structure and support.

It's timeless and tasteful. The great part about choosing mid-century furniture is that it appeals to all age groups, which is a bonus if your company deals with a broad range of clients. Keep in mind that your furniture emanates your business style. Respectable, consistent, stylish and smart are four ideas that mid-century modern furniture can say about your business.

It's easy to set up and maintain. Willy Guhl was a Swiss designer who made quite a few remarkable furniture designs during the era. The idea behind his creations was to make them simple enough that people could assemble them without help. They were also easier to clean.

Styling Mid-Century Modern And Modern Furniture Lighting

If you pair this furniture style with modern furniture lighting, you have a complete look. Furniture is the main course, but lighting can complement it more than you may know. For example, soft lights around a sofa enhance its aesthetic appeal. These are a few inspirations to start your creative wheels spinning.


Peredz Sofa

The iconic boxy sofa such as our Zoetico Peredz Loveseat is probably what comes to mind when you think of mid-century decor. However, free-form sofas were also mid-century statements. Former sculptor Isamu Noguchi first designed these sofas. Our Zoetico Lloyd sofa is a similar example with more minimalist design and negative space. From boxy or cubist chairs to swooping seats and sleek loungers, the sky is the limit for chair choices.


Spudnik Chandelier

Lighting should accentuate focal pieces of furniture and can be variable for better ambiance. For example, you may want semi-bright lights overhead such as our Zoetico Sputnik chandeliers and subtle lighting such as our Zoetico Tooles wall light to accentuate nearby shelves or tables.


Zoetico Decor

Geometric lamps, wall hangings and vases are iconic of mid-century styling. Coordination involves style, color and size. The main idea for choosing decor is to make pieces coordinate with each other, your furniture and your lighting plans. We love the Isaac Armillary Sphere in Nickel by Bungalow 5. Also, they have the Bison Bookends and amazing artwork.

Zoetico Decor

Remember, your office space is an expression of you and your business (at home or downtown). Let the style that has stood the test of time for decades and decades exude elegance, design impeccable taste and history for you in the space where work gets done. Comfortable, stylish, modern, and more.

We hope to inspire your creativity with this blog. When you start browsing mid-century modern office furniture and modern furniture lighting options, you will be surprised at how quickly your mind starts firing off ideas. Please share them with us, we would love to hear from you!

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